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Baby’s First Flight: How to Get Through Air Travel With Your Sanity

Christen is a jack-of-all-trades, master of nothing, who is currently working on mastering her BA in Anthropology. She traded her Navy issued flight deck boots for flip-flops and yoga pants, which are usually decorated with various foods her 12-month-old son has deemed appropriate that day. Christen is also a student and instructor for Bellydance, as well as an aspiring equestrienne, pretend model, and an ADD blogger who explores both the depths of the human social culture conscience, and the lighthearted side of humanity – which includes the best shade of lipstick and what amazing thing to cook next. She is a Pinterest addict who resides in Texas with her husband and son. Follow her blog at www.whirlwindlifes.blogspot.com

The night before our flight to visit relatives in Michigan – I couldn’t sleep. My baby was up all night as per usual, but more so because of teething and a growth spurt.