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A little intro:

Hey there! I’m Holly. I like to describe myself as everyone’s best friend. In fact, my high school senior superlative was, “Most likely to have the most best friends”. What can I say, I like people!

I’m an extrovert who loves to have my quiet time too. I’m a glass half full kind of gal who loves to help others see their full potential. I started this blog in 2012 to share funny parenting stories as a new mom, share all things Chicago, and give advice on how to balance work and life. The blog has evolved into more of a lifestyle blog, which highlights our family’s travel adventures, foodie experiences, style and beauty finds. I am a city girl through and through with a touch of southern hospitality thanks to my Texas roots.

How did I end up here? Here are the cliff notes. 

I started my career working for the NBA in San Antonio, Texas. One trip to Chicago to visit a friend and I fell madly in love with the city. I went home, sold everything I had, packed my bags and drove up here (with my Chihuahua) with big dreams. Once here I fell into the luxury hotel industry, where I crawled my way to the top. Yes, crawled. I love the hospitality industry – but boy oh boy are the hours brutal. Eight years later, I was the Director of Sales overseeing events and on the Executive Committee for a luxury brand in downtown Chi. It was a dream job, but I decided to walk away after 8 years so I could see my kids more and not wake up with anxiety every day trying to manage it all. It turned out it was the best decision I ever made to date, with the exception of marrying my husband.

I took a big risk when leaving. I cashed out my 401k and said goodbye to corporate life. I know, I get anxiety even reading that! But….I learned what I needed to while there, got the experience I wanted and decided to give being my own boss a shot. All I had at the time was this blog and a drive to succeed. I used the blog as a vehicle to submit writing pieces to major publications, networked a ton, and probably stalked editors more than I care to admit – but, it worked! I became an actual writer – like a paid one! Then…eventually an author. From there the affiliate marketing and brand partnerships came and opened the doors to speaking engagements and influencer work galore! I’m an influencer with the network so be sure to check me out on the app under hollydays_chicago to shop all my looks.

In 2014, since I was already working with prominent brands, I decided to add another to my wheelhouse and partner with Rodan + Fields. Even though I knew nothing about skin care, I knew if a brand was #1 in Nordstrom before launching into e-commerce – I knew it would take over the global skin care market eventually. We did just that in 2016 and became the #1 brand in North America and still hold the title today. I now have a million dollar+ global skin care business that I built all from my iPhone. The power of the internet!

BUT…my most important job out of all of these, of course, is mom. My boys are my life and I’d walk through fire for them. I’m thankful for all the time I get to spend with them and wish these moments would slow down. When you only get 18 years with them under your roof – you make them count.

Each day I try to find joy in the journey and share some of that journey with you in this cyberspace known as Hollydays Chicago. So much of my life has changed since I started this blog in 2012 and I can’t wait to see where the next 6 years will take us. Now let’s go have some fun.

(Internet Bestie Pep Talk Alert) I know many of you are chasing dreams, fitness goals, life goals, career goals, etc., so I hope my story inspired you to go for it! Fear is a terrible thing that shatters dreams every day. Don’t let it do that to you my friend.


Your Internet Cheerleader – Holly


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  • Holly is the most optimistic and down to earth mommy I know. She inspires me daily, and I look up to her as a friend and colleague. I am so proud of her accomplishments and look forward to seeing her career grow!


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