Why Charleston Is One Of The Best Cities For Millennials

My father grew up in Charleston and it’s always been one of my favorite cities. I spent many summers there as a kid, and just took my family there this past summer. The food, the southern charm, the people and the overall vibe makes it one of the best cities to be in or to live in!

Charleston, South Carolina has long been known as one of the most beautiful cities on the East Coast. From breathtaking beaches to stunning architecture, Charleston continues to charm both tourists and locals alike. The millennial set in particular seem to be especially drawn to Charleston, and for good reason. In recent years, Charleston has been recognized for having one of the most booming tech startup economies in the country, as well as a flourishing arts and music scene. Here are just a few reasons why Charleston is one of the best cities for millennials.

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 Thriving Local Scene

One of the biggest reasons so many millennials love Charleston is because the city is rich in culture and activity. There is always something going on, and millennials living in Charleston rarely find themselves with nothing to do. The city boasts many great restaurants and bars, as well as countless quaint shops and cafes. While walking along King Street, you’ll probably notice many young people sitting at outdoor restaurants chatting or working on their laptops. King Street is home to many amazing restaurants and bars, and is a popular nightlife area for local millennials. Charleston is also known to be a culturally rich city, and boasts several art galleries that attract both locals and tourists. Charleston’s thriving local scene is one of the biggest draws for the millennial set.

Booming Tech Scene

California’s Silicon Valley was once considered the hub for all things technology, but Charleston’s Silicon Harbor has been rising up in the ranks as well.  Silicon Harbor is home to more than 250 tech companies, which employs about 11,000 people. This has made Charleston one of the top U.S. cities for IT job growth, and tech-savvy millennials are flocking to the city for this reason. Visiture, Advantage Media Group, and Blue Acorn are just a few of the tech companies based in Charleston, along with countless others. For millennials looking for employment in tech-related fields outside of Silicon Valley, Charleston’s Silicon Harbor continues to be a popular choice.

Quality of Life

The high quality of life is one of the main reasons more and more millennials are flocking to Charleston. Aside from beautiful Charleston real estate and a flourishing social scene, people in Charleston just seem happier. Perhaps it’s the near-perfect weather, the beautiful beaches, or the many fun and exciting things to do.  Whatever it is, it’s definitely helped Charleston continue to be known as one of the best places to live for people of all ages, especially millennials. In 2016, Charleston was recognized as the “Best City In The World”, and anyone who lives there will probably agree. Charleston is the ideal city for millennials who want to live in a beautiful and exciting city with amazing job opportunity and a high quality of life.  

If you’re looking to relocate – put Charleston on the list!

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